Triple Function Stylus Pen

$ 24.99
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Practically from the dawn of man, we have been making our marks with some form or other of writing instrument. From tools made of bone, to reed brushes, to quill and fountain pens, to ball point, roller ball, and felt tip pens, we have been getting our messages across on stone tables, papyrus scrolls, and even plain old paper. Welcome to the new millennium. Technology is such that not only do we need to put pen to paper, but we also need to communicate using our devices. That's where this pen comes in. With its smooth performance, it's the ultimate writing tool for the serious professional. A pen on one end and a stylus on the other, oh--and a bright LED light, to boot, so you'll never be left in the dark! Style meets function--triple function! Want to know more? • Features a ballpoint pen, a bright LED light and a capacitive stylus good for all touch screen devices • Metal refill • Brass construction for durability • Button-cell batteries (included) are replaceable for long-term value • Makes a great Graduation gift •